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Future-proof Your Product Portfolio

With an R&D investment in excess of £4million in 2013 alone, it's no wonder the SafeChocie product range remains firmly ahead of the competition. From the world's best weather seal (Q-lon), to our BBA Approved colours and ultimate performance Triple Glazing - make the right choice for your business.

SafeChoice Partners benefit from a 'design-to-manufacture' controlled process that stands us apart from the competition and our ultimate ability to design, process and deliver product innovation across our entire product range. All products benefit from comprehensive testing to meet the very latest industry standards, providing you and your customers with total peace of mind and superior performance.

Product Innovation

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Future-proof your product portfolio

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The World's best performing weatherseal gasket with lifetime guarantee and proven to significantly outperform the competition.

Triple Glazing

Enhance your product offering with our ultimate in energy performance, available across our product range in all finishes.


Take advantage of our comprehensive range of colours, the only system which is fully BBA Accredited on all finishes, across the entire range.

Composite Doors

Benefit from the very latest in both classic and contemporary designs, along with automatic locking systems and quality hardware and glazing options.

"Tests have demonstrated that Q-lon outperforms the competition, for weathering, acoustics and throughout the window service life."

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